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002 - Creating a Rhythm Quiz with Google Forms

To be able to give my students more individual feedback on reading rhythms, I need to find a way to grade quicker, read student illegible scratches on a page better, and return it to the students quickly.
I think I've found a way to do this now with Google forms.

Here goes - if you need an introductory course on Google forms here is a good one:
Creating A Google Form

1.  Create questions for your student's name (short answer text).  I use two boxes so I have a better chance to receive the form with a first and a last name.  If you want to be able to e-mail the results of the quiz/practice back to the students include a box for the email address (this is a great  - hold on).  Make each of these fields a required field so they can't submit the form if they leave one of the boxes empty.

2.  Click on the Add Section tool.  It's the bottom symbol of the tool bar on the right hand side.  It looks like the equals sign.  =

3.  In the new section, title the section with the rhythm you're going to use.  It would be possible to download a picture file into this space.  I've titled mine  with the measure number on the page I'm using from the method book.  (Essential Elements 2000 - Rhythm Studies Page 42).  

4.  For the "questions" - each answer needs to set-up for "Short Answer Text".  Use a method to labels and notes for your questions.  The first time I tried, I set everything as note 1, note 2, note 3.  When I received the answers in the spreadsheet form I didn't know which Note 1 was associated with which measures.  My template is Measure # - Note #.  M1-N1 is the first note of the first measure.  With this method, you will need 1 "question" for every note and rest in a measure.  4 eighth notes and 2 quarter notes = 6 questions.

5.  Create a new section and repeat step #4 for each measure you want students to write in the rhythms for as many rhythms as you desire.

6.  When you are finished, you are ready to send the quiz to students.  You may copy the link to the form and post it in Google Classroom, send to the students in Remind, or post it to a website.  Click on SEND to the left of the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner, 

then click the link button between the Send Message icon and the embed HTML buttons.  I recommend clicking on the "Shorten URL" bottom so your life is more concise.  There are also buttons to post to Google+, Facebook, or Twitter should you want to post this assignment to a social media site.  (I don't know why but there might be a good reason.)

7.  When the students open the link for the Google form - they will see something like this:

8.  Page (Section) 2, is where the students begin writing in the rhythms.  My school district uses the Eastman Counting system.  Use whatever system you prefer, just be clear to the students how they need to notate the rhythms.  If the sysmbols are not exactly a like, it will be counted incorrect

9.  My rhythm writing rules are:
     a.  Use the following symbols:  1, t, 2, t, 3, t, 4, t
     b.  When writing in rhythms leave NO space between characters.
     c.  If the note is a rest, place an "r" before the note.
     d.  Note values will appear similar to this (all beginning on count 1)
          1.  Whole Note:     1t2t3t4t
          2.  Half Note:         1t2t
          3.  Dotted Quarter: 1t2

10.  At the end of the last section - students press the blue submit button.

11.  Return to your Google Form - next to the Questions Tab, you will have the number of responses displayed.

12.  Click on the Responses Tab - on the next page you will want to click on the green box to the left of the 3 vertical buttons to create a new spreadsheet in your Google Drive.  

Grading the responses from Students.
1.  Install an Add-On titled Flubaroo.
2.  Click on Grade Assignment. 
3.  Flubaroo - Grading Step 1.  A new window will appear -  here you can set the number of points per each question.  The Students Names and E-mail address are not awarded points (be default).
4.  Flubaroo - Grading Step 2.  Setting the grading key.
         Take the test once yourself before grading.  Select the box to the left of the submission to use as the grading key.

5.  Flubaroo will grade all assignments for you in a matter of seconds (large classes still less than a minute).  

6.  Flubaroo - Share Grades:
To send the grades back to students.  Click Add-ons:Flubaroo:Share Grades

7.  Student Report - from the email the report looks like this:

I hope this is helpful.  I just opened this blog site today and I'm having trouble with the graphics going exactly where I want them.  If I can answer questions (or if you notice errors or something that just doesn't make sense) you can contact me at linvillr@usd385.org or on Twitter @maestrolinville


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